Where is the 2023 DGPT Championship Taking Place?

DGPT Championship Overview

What is the DGPT Championship?

Why is it significant?

Previous Championship Locations

Key takeaway: The 2023 DGPT Championship will take place in a location that was selected based on factors such as attractiveness, accessibility, and availability of facilities and resources. The venue is expected to provide a competitive and exciting experience for participants and spectators alike, with benefits and drawbacks to consider. Logistics and travel information, including transportation options and recommended accommodations, are also provided for those planning to attend.

2021: Las Vegas, NV

2022: Austin, TX

Factors Considered in Selecting the Location

Attractiveness of the location

Accessibility for competitors and spectators

Availability of facilities and resources

The 2023 DGPT Championship Venue

City and State



Benefits and Drawbacks of the Venue



Logistics and Travel Information

Transportation options

Recommended accommodations

Local attractions and activities

Expectations for the 2023 DGPT Championship

Competition level and format

Number of participants

Estimated attendance

Final Thoughts


2023 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship |MPO FINALF9| Wysocki, Klein, Hammes, Robinson| Jomez Disc Golf

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