What Makes a Disc Illegal: An In-Depth Look at Disc Golf Regulations

The Basics of Disc Golf Regulations

Origins of Disc Golf Regulations

Key Players in Disc Golf Regulation

Types of Disc Golf Regulations

Key takeaway: Disc golf regulations vary at different levels, including local ordinances, international rules, and professional association guidelines. Safety, equipment, and environmental regulations are in place to ensure the sport is played responsibly and sustainably. It is important for disc golfers to stay informed about these regulations to avoid legal issues and promote the growth of the sport.

Local Ordinances and Park Rules

International Disc Golf Federation (IDPF) Rules

Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Rules

Disc Golf Equipment Regulations

Restricted Disc Models

Prohibited Disc Models

Other Disc Equipment Restrictions

Safety Regulations in Disc Golf

On-Course Safety

Equipment Safety Standards

Environmental Safety

Disc Golf Tournaments and Competition Regulations

PDGA Competition Manual

IDPF World Championship Rules

Other Disc Golf Tournaments Regulations

Legal Issues and Disc Golf

Disc Golf and Land Use

Disc Golf and Property Rights

Disc Golf and Environmental Regulations

The Future of Disc Golf Regulations

The Importance of Following Regulations

A Call to Action for Disc Golfers


This Disc Is PDGA ILLEGAL Because It Goes Too Far

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